My name is Morag Halley and I purchased my first commercial machine to make my own perfect coffee at home in the mid 1990’s. I became a fan of coffee pods and set up my own company in 2006 and became a coffee pod supplier, beans and coffee machines. We then ventured out and became a premium Coffee Pod Supplier

I am a firm believer that, “Life’s too short to drink bad coffee”



Discover the Perfect Blend with Lucaffe Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules.

Superior Taste and Environmental Responsibility Combined

Are you a coffee lover who enjoys the convenience of Nespresso machines but is concerned about the environmental impact of traditional coffee capsules? Look no further than Lucaffe’s Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules. These innovative capsules offer the best of both worlds – exceptional coffee quality and a commitment to sustainability. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of Latazza’s eco-friendly capsules and explore the delightful range of flavours that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Lucaffe Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules: A Sustainable Coffee Revolution


Sustainable Brewing:

One of the standout features of Lucaffe’s Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules is their commitment to sustainability. These capsules are made from biodegradable materials, ensuring they won’t contribute to the growing waste problem of traditional coffee pods. By choosing Latazza, you can enjoy your daily cup of coffee with peace of mind, knowing that you are making an eco-conscious choice.

Exceptional Coffee Quality:

Latazza understands that exceptional coffee quality is essential for an unforgettable coffee experience. With Lucaffe, they have partnered with a renowned coffee roaster that has perfected the art of coffee production for over 25 years. The carefully selected beans are expertly roasted and ground to perfection, capturing the rich flavours and aromas that coffee lovers crave.

Variety of Flavors:

One of the joys of exploring coffee is discovering new flavours and profiles. Lucaffe Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules offer 100 % Arabica coffee from a traditional tropical coffee-growing area. Gentle roasting, strong aroma. Lucaffee offers intense blends to milder and more delicate options; there is something to satisfy every coffee lover. Whether you prefer a strong espresso to kick-start your morning or a smooth and creamy latte to unwind in the evening, Latazza has you covered.

Easy Compatibility:

Lucaffe capsules are designed to be compatible with Nespresso machines, ensuring a hassle-free brewing experience. Pop a capsule into your machine, and within seconds, you’ll savour a cup of coffee that rivals your favourite café. The capsules are meticulously crafted to deliver a consistently perfect brew every time, preserving the flavours and aromas that make each blend unique.

Join the Latazza Community:

By choosing Lucaffe Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules, you’re not just enjoying a superior coffee experience but becoming part of a passionate community that values sustainability and exceptional taste. Latazza is dedicated to bringing coffee lovers together, fostering a love for coffee and a shared commitment to the planet.With Lucaffe Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules, you can savour every sip of coffee while making an environmentally conscious choice. These capsules combine exceptional coffee quality and a commitment to sustainability. Say goodbye to traditional coffee capsules and say hello to a more sustainable coffee journey with Latazza.
Lucaffe Nespresso Compatible Biodegradable Capsules: Sustainable Taste Delivered to Your Cup